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Let’s die empty

Let’s die free

Let’s die happy

Let’s die fulfilled


Let’s die empty

Let’s go deflated, devoid and depleted

Let’s go vacant, unoccupied and unfilled

Let’s go naked, unclothed and bare


Let’s die empty of talent

Let’s die free of love

Let’s die without any kindness

Let’s die filled with nothing


Let’s share our love and go empty

Let’s deflate our pride and go empty

Let’s be devoid of our kindness and go empty

Let’s share our talents and ascend empty

Let’s be unfilled of words and ascend empty


Share the love while here

Share the wealth while here

Share the blessing while here

Share humanity while here


Get light for the flight

Get rid of the goodness for the flight

Get rid of the activism for the flight

Get rid of the wealth for the flight

Get rid of all of it, it’s for mother earth

Get light for the journey to heaven


All the gifts are to be shared

All the virtues are for the world

All the love in us is for humanity

Humanity is for humans


Let’s die empty of the goodness in us


N/B The writer/poet writes the above work (still in progress) to postulate of everyone including himself to share the talents given to us. The talents should be used to grow others and enhance the livelihood of everyone in the society. Recognizing that everyone is special and unique with their own extraordinary gifts, the poet urges everyone to employ the same to make the world a better place and die empty of the gifts or leave them here on earth as they are meant for mother earth. Let’s look down from high heavens proud of the gifts we left when we are gone!!!

Put your talents, abilities and strength to work…. That’s how you can be a superhero to others and to our world

Khakasa-China Evans Soita Out!!!!!!!

(Drops Mic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


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